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Memorable Excursions

Sinofield is located in Leura, a pristine area of the Blue Mountains.  Indulge in a range of multicultural experiences tailored to your school & your students.

All Year Round

Chinese culture celebrates numerous festivals and events throughout the year.  We are able to replicate them and bring these cultural experiences at any time!


Lantern Festival

Symbolising peace, gratitude and celebration, our Lantern Festival will introduce you to some of the arts, foods, dances & games of traditional China.

Mid-Autumn Festival

For our Mid-Autumn Festival, we will appreciate connection & the moon through a tea ceremony, Chinese music & learning how to make the perfect Mooncake.

Spring Festival

The Lunar New Year is a time to welcome new experiences, but why not do so all year? Try Chinese paper cutting, make delicious dumplings, or learn to master the 10-foot long dragon dance!

Dragon Boat Cultural Awareness

Chinese dragons are a symbol of wisdom and power, so join us as we celebrate cross-cultural fusion with this art & the traditions of Indigenous Australia.


Dragon Dancing

Controlling this 10-metre long beast is no easy feat! You’ll learn to work together to blend this cultural celebration with an experience not to forget…


A relaxing exercise in mindfulness, exploring the ancient Chinese method of writing. Using brushes & ink, or water & stone, your students will explore this traditional art to form connections ..

Tea Ceremony

Experience this elegant ritual, illustrating the Asian philosophies of calmness, peace and friendship, as your students connect...


Express your inner self through the rhythms and sounds of traditional Chinese instruments. Learn the beat of the tanggu drum or the plucking of the zheng…

Bracelet making

You will learn how to make a traditional Chinese bracelet, with the influence of modern supplies but ancient techniques…

Ink Painting

Do you have a virtuoso hiding among your students? Find out as you are guided through this fun and relaxed session, trying one the oldest artistic traditions still practised today…

Stone Rubbing

A unique ink painting method, where wet paper is placed over an ink covered stone carving, to reveal a beautiful print…

Qing Hua Ci

The blue & white porcelain design is recognisable everywhere, but together we will create stunning replica drawings with ink & paper…

Tangyuen Making

These delicious desserts will be a hit for your students! You will learn how to create the gelatinous treat, and maybe even try a few!

Paper Cutting

Explore this form of folk art using scissors or a carving knife to cut patterns on paper for decoration to make a beautiful keepsake…

Lion Dancing

Learning the traditional dance will connect & engage you in a new cultural experience – one of celebration & fun…

Kongzhu (Diabolo)

Using both hands, you will learn to hold the rod while shaking the Diabolo in order to perform a range of tricks…

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