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Sinofield offers an inspiring selection of educational, cultural and learning activities for incursions and excursions.

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Incursions to date

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We have designed numerous programs over the years to further cultural education and true kinship for students in schools in NSW.  Whether incursion or excursion, multicultural, outdoor or indigenous activities, we can select a program for you, or you can design one that fits your school’s cultural awareness needs.  Contact us for more details.


  • Calligraphy (Incursion/excursion)

  • Paper cutting (Incursion/excursion

  • Bracelet making (Incursion/excursion)

  • Stone rubbing (excursion)

  • Qing hua ci (excursion)

  • Chinese painting (Incursion/excursion)

Cooking class (Excursion)

  • Dumpling making

  • Tangyuan making

  • Zongzi making

  • Mooncake making

Sports /Outdoor activity

  • Dragon dance (Excursion)

  • Lion dance (Incursion/excursion)

  • Martial arts (Incursion/excursion)

  • Kongzhu (Incursion/excursion)

  • Archery (Excursion)

Creative & Performing Arts

  • Sand Mandala (excursion)

  • Chinese Music (incursion/excursion)

  • Creative Theatre (excursion)

Aboriginal Cultural Activities

  • Smoking ceremony

  • Walking country

  • Dancing country

  • Painting up country

  • Creating musical clapsticks